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RejuVitize is a licensed engineered bodywork & healthcare business located off the I-15 freeway at Miramar Road, in San Diego, CA.

Engineered Bodywork is a very effective combination of techniques used to treat frozen or chronic tightness in muscles, fascia, and surgical scars tissue.Your condition may have built up over time from stress, old medication accumulations, environmental toxins, or the result of a current/previous injury or surgery. No matter what the reason, your customized Engineered Bodywork clinical treatment will have you moving, feeling better in no time. As an added benefit cupping and tool work is also able to draw out and release old medication accumulations, emotions relating to posture/muscle imbalances and long-term food, chemical or air toxin build up.

Both homeopathy and Engineered Bodywork call attention to problem areas/imbalances within the body and bring long-lasting relief to the patient.

Engineered Bodywork is a unique combination therapy that is customized to the patient's needs. Each client is unique, so no two treatments are exactly the same. Smooth, stainless steel medical grade tools loosen tightened muscle/tissue, resolve/lessen scar tissue and release layered toxins. Rolf Structural Integration lengthens tight muscle fascia and opens up compressed areas. Acupressure meridian points are pressed/dredged to release stagnant areas and stretch cupping is used to draw nourishing/rebuilding blood cells into key areas to enable the body to heal itself over the next 3-5 days after treatment.

Even after the first treatment, the client will feel a noticeable improvement in the treated area. The combination of these integrative techniques are used to offer immediate and long-lasting relief. For more detailed information click Engineered Bodywork on the side menu.

Homeopathy is an integrative medicine treatment that works with your current doctor's recommendations, to encourage the body’s own healing abilities to recognize/repair/correct imbalances within the mind and body. Minute doses of a specific substance are given to the patient in order to bring about a safe, effective and gentle solution. "Arnica" is a commonly used homeopathic substance that is used to speed up the healing process, when the skin has become bruised from impact. For more detailed information click Homeopathy on the side menu.






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